All parts are then thoroughly cleaned in a cleaning machine that we specifically designed to clean power steering units.

Involves a complete inspection of the housing, sector and worm shafts by a highly trained and skilled technician. All seals, bearings, gaskets, teflon rings, o-rings, dust boots and necessary hard parts are replaced.

We are dedicated to buying only the best. We never use generic bearings or seal kits. Our suppliers meet our high standards and most have been specially made according to our specifications.

Our testing equipment is unmatched in the industry. All steering units are tested hot for binding and catching. Each unit is also checked internally and externally for leaks, pressure and flow. Additionally, we check the turns for end to end precision as well as the valves to ensure that the steering is even on both the right and left turns.

Many shops have forgotten about the "old school" mechanic, but we have not. Every steering unit that the technician restores is an important job, whether it’s for a restoration project, your everyday vehicle, or for the heavy duty diesel truck. Our firm feel system will improve your Chrysler and Dodge muscle car from that pinky–finger handling. The recirculating-ball steering gear is upgraded by carefully choosing and select-fitting the steel balls in the worm gear; machining the sector shaft surface; installing new bearings to eliminate wear; and replacing all seals, teflon rings and o-rings. This extra effort gives the enthusiast the unique handling desired, whether on the road or on the drag strip.

You might not be able to see the workmanship but you’ll feel it when you steer. Our in-house machine shop has the capacity to remanufacture replacement parts, obsolete parts, and tools for our technicians; anything needed to repair your steering unit. Our machines consist of lathes, OD-ID and surface grinders, mills, thread grinder, CNC lathes, precision honing and gear manufacturing. Our machinists are highly skilled with years of experience.

Proper installation of your unit is very important. It is critical that you read and follow the information for flushing the system and other warnings contained on our tags. The most common problem when installing the heavy duty gears is not properly setting the relief valves, which will void your warranty. As Jerry always recommends: "CHECK—CHECK—AND RE-CHECK" !!!!!!!

Our extensive inventory of popular units include over 500 different power and manual steering gears, pumps, rack & pinions, flow control valves, and power cylinders for all years, makes and models of cars and trucks, both domestic and imported.

A core is the old steering unit from which a remanufactured unit is built. If you do not have your core at the time of your purchase from our stock, you will be charged a refundable core deposit. Once your unit is installed, the old unit may be returned to us for a same-day refund of the deposit for the undamaged core. We have over 7,000 sq. feet of cores stored at our facility that gives us the advantage of thousands of hard to find parts ready to use when a steering unit is obsolete, wrecked, or otherwise damaged.
The steering unit is completely drained of power steering fluid, disassembled and thoroughly inspected to determine if the housing and hard parts can be used. All seals, bearings, o-rings, gaskets and other parts that fail inspection are disposed of and replaced.

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Read Our Customer Testimonial!
Read Our Customer Testimonial!