Tired of the pinky-finger handling, slow response and loose feeling you have now?

Your steering effort can be improved with our Firm Feel System, which gives a more firm and precise turning effort for a more modern feel.

The recirculating-ball steering gear has a series of steel balls that act as rolling threads between the steering shaft and the control valve reactor rings. Your gear is upgraded by carefully choosing and select
fitting the steel balls in the worm gear, machining the sector shaft surface, installing new bearings to eliminate wear and replacing all Seals, Teflon rings and O-rings. Steer & Gear can give all enthusiasts
different handling on the road or drag strip.

Custom Remanufactured Power Steering Gears and Pumps

Keep your power steering gear original and improve your steering with a restored steering gear.

Standard: If you want that stock feel of the 60’s and 70’s this restored gear is for you. Has that light finger tip feel and easy to steer just like OEM, but with no ball play.

Firm: Steer & Gear Recommended. If you want that stiff feel and faster response this is for you, giving you that feel of the road without great effort. And the right combination for highway, back road handling or drag racing. Yet razor-sharp, and there’s still plenty of assistance for
parking maneuvers.

Extra Firm: Want that stiff feel and faster response for more controlled steering and heavy road feeling? This restored gear is great for highway driving and long road trips.

Extra Extra Firm: More controlled steering and heavy road feeling. Good for road racing.

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