In 1977, Steer & Gear began out of the garage of our family
founders-- Jerry and Suzi. Jerry, a front-end mechanic, saw the value of cores that were being scrapped. The cores were perfectly good to remanufacture and provide customers with a less expensive, high quality option to new steering unit replacements.

When cars and trucks started to fill-up the residential street parking, Steer & Gear had to find its own facility and be totally committed to the remanufacturing of steering units.

Sure enough, customers appreciated the cost savings and experienced performance that often out-performed their new unit. In the meantime, Steer & Gear worked at refining the remanufacturing process. Much time was devoted to trial and error, testing and machining custom parts where necessary.

Most of our family members and friends started with Steer & Gear since its beginning. We are proud of our workmanship and back our remanufacturing with years of solid experience. What you will find at Steer & Gear are automotive enthusiasts from drag racing to historical restoration. We are proud of our workmanship and want to help solve your steering problems.

Suzi and Jerry

Jerry with his Anglia - Circa 1960's

Jerry helping a customer - circa 1990

Suzi and Carol Clawson at drag races - 1986

Ronnie working on a manual gear


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